Art Holiday Shopping

The Art Holiday Shopping event at Silver Street Studios is this weekend. In addition to the selection of gifts of art, you will enjoy Without Limits, our latest exhibition.

Lumen Sale!

I’ll be offering original lumen prints for 15% off the regular price. When this shopping event is over, so is this special offer. If you need more time to decide on the perfect print for your abode, you can pay now and select later–during regular hours, or at an appointed time at your convenience.

Wearable Art

I have a limited selection of scarves in my studio, but you can order one of my designs from my Art of Where store. I like the drapability (and ease of care) of the poly chiffon scarves, but you can also choose silk. I also recommend that you order a scarf that is at least 72 inches long or 36 inches square. The Art of Where store is having a sale on new orders, but to get your orders in time for Christmas, you must order by Sunday, December 5.

Cradled Board and Wood Lumens

These lumen prints are printed on wood, and although they are not on sale, they are truly unique. I’ll have a couple of new boards in my studio for the Saturday event. I’d add a couple of photos, but photos don’t do these items justice.


Although you can purchase some stationery from the Art of Where store, I still have a good selection of notecards available in my studio. The gift of stationery is the perfect way to hint that you’d like a hand-written letter.

Cradled Boards for a Good Cause

The artists of Silver Street Studios have created cradled boards that represent their art. A percentage of these sales will benefit Friends For Life. Buying something for yourself or your bestie never felt so good!

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