This portfolio showcases a small sampling of my traditional and alternative printing artworks.

  • In my studio, you can purchase the original artworks, as well as 5×7 reprints of selected pieces.
  • If you don’t live in the Houston area or cannot visit the studio, you can purchase reprints in a variety of sizes on archival fiber paper from my SmugMug website. To purchase original works that you find on the SmugMug website or this website, contact me.

You can also purchase many of these prints on note cards.

Lumen Print Photography

Lumen print photography uses the sun or similar light source to create a print of the subject matter on semi-matt, glossy, or art fiber paper. The print is then processed in a traditional darkroom where the image is made permanent by treatment in a photographic fixer. A water bath then clears the fixer from the print, and then the print is hand-toned in a selenium or gold solution.

I’ve posted samples of my lumen prints here, but you can view more of them prints in the lumen print section of my SmugMug website.

Gelatin Silver Print Photography

The gelatin silver process was developed in the 19th-century shortly after the Civil War and is a monochrome imaging process based on the light sensitivity of silver halides.

An enlarger projects light through the image on a negative onto photographic paper, which produces a latent image on the paper. The image is processed by immersing the paper in photographic developer, halting the development with a stop bath, and fixing the image in a photographic fixer. The print is then washed to remove the processing chemicals.

At this point, you have a photographic print. However, following the wash process, I immerse the print in either a gold or selenium solution to increase its tonal depth and archival quality.

You can find more examples of my B&W and infrared gelatin silver prints in the film section of my SmugMug website.

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