Wearable Art

Many of my lumen images have inspired fabric designs for scarves and draped kimonos.

Oblong Scarves

Although you can order any of my scarves online, you can also purchase many of these scarves in my studio.

  • I stock a limited supply of poly chiffon and silk scarves in my studio. When ordering from the online store, you can also choose satin charmeuse and matte crepe fabrics; however, I recommend the poly chiffon fabric, which drapes nicely and is easy to care for.
  • When ordering scarves online, you must specify the scarf dimensions. I stock the 16″x72″ oblong scarves and 26″ x 26″ square scarves for their versatility. I recommend these sizes or larger.

The online store includes additional scarf designs that are not in my local inventory.

Square Scarves

Draped Kimonos

You can choose from Silk Habotai, Poly Chiffon, Silky Knit, or Peachskin Jersey fabrics. You can place an online order for my draped kimonos, currently available in Basic Lily, Lilac Lily, and my two newest designs: Belinda’s Dream I and Belinda’s Dream X.

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