Melody Locke Art

Melody Locke Art


I use traditional darkroom processes to produce black & white prints from B & W and infrared film, very much like my grandfather did in the 1940s. I also combine 19th-century lumen photographic processes with some 21st-century techniques to create colorful and often ethereal images of botanical material.

This website provides information about my studio and the alternative and traditional photographic fine-art prints that you can purchase from the studio or online from my SmugMug website. You can also access information about exhibitions and online channels where you can purchase my artwork. I encourage you to also check out my curated exhibition of my photographs, which changes every three months.

If your wall space is limited, enjoy my art as wearable art or on a set of note cards!

Alternative and Traditional Photographic Processes
that You Can Find in My Studio

See the Portfolio page for more examples of my lumen and photographic prints.

Tulip Magnolia

Lumen Prints

Lumen prints are developed by the sun or a similar light source on photographic paper and then processed in a traditional darkroom and hand-toned in a selenium or gold solution.

Reflections of Downtown

Black & White Film Photos

Black & white gelatin silver prints are hand-printed from B & W film in a traditional darkroom on high-quality fiber paper, and then selenium, gold, or sepia toned.

This Old House

Infrared Film Photos

Black & white gelatin silver prints are hand-printed in a traditional darkroom from infrared film on high-quality fiber paper and then selenium, gold, or sepia toned.


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