Upside Down You Turn Me

A few years ago, I was with a group of photographers who got special access to the newly-opened Cistern in Houston, Texas. It was a great experience that was marred only by a piece of my tripod falling off and slipping into the abyss. One of the images that I shot that day was of the ceiling, but I found that I liked it better upside down. I now call it, Cistern Barstools.

Cistern Barstools

Recently, I was thrilled when one of my digital prints was selected by juror Wendi Schneider for the “Trees” exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont.

While they were installing the exhibition in their gallery, they posted images of the selections on the PhotoPlace website. A few days ago, they posted photos of the gallery on their Facebook page. I eagerly clicked through the images until I found the image of my framed print. Something about it seemed amiss. Wondering if I had rotated the image before I submitted it, I accessed the original online gallery on their website, where it was correct.

I had taken advantage of PhotoPlace’s printing and framing process, and they had mistakenly hung it upside down. Once I notified them of the error, they apologized and quickly and graciously remedied the problem.

I now have at least a couple of prints that can be hung in different directions. 🙂

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