Upside Down You Turn Me

A few years ago, I was with a group of photographers who got special access to the newly-opened Cistern in Houston, Texas. It was a great experience that was marred only by a piece of my tripod falling off and slipping into the abyss. One of the images that I shot that day was ofContinue reading “Upside Down You Turn Me”


July is shaping up to be a pretty good month for me. I’ve had three pieces juried into exhibitions–two of them being international. Archway Gallery is hosting the local exhibition and the juror is Rosa Ana Orlando. Although I don’t expect many of my friends to make the trip to PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont orContinue reading “Celebration!”

Early Fillin’ Station

In 1891, the tract of land that was to become the largest planned community in the United States was purchased by O. M. Carter. It was located 2.5 miles from downtown Houston, and because it was situated roughly 23 feet higher than the surrounding area, it was named Houston Heights. When I first moved toContinue reading “Early Fillin’ Station”

Wood, the Other Paper

If you have the right emulsions, you can print on just about anything. When applied to wood, metal, fibers, masonry, and other materials, a liquid emulsion like Liquid Light can transform your material into a light-sensitive surface similar to silver gelatin photographic paper. Following proper application, you must handle the material as you would light-sensitiveContinue reading “Wood, the Other Paper”

A Walk along the Dark Side

My art business is centered around a couple of analog photographic techniques that use silver gelatin papers–film photography/darkroom printing and lumen printing. I’ve had some critical success, and several of my analog prints have been juried into local and international exhibitions. A few months ago, I happened to be walking through my neighborhood shortly afterContinue reading “A Walk along the Dark Side”

Not All Exposure Times Are Created Equal

My studio at Silver Street Studios contains B&W and lumen prints. One of the more common questions I’m asked has to do with time, as in, how long does it take to make a lumen print? Although the standard answer is, “it depends,” most people are shocked to learn that although it takes a matterContinue reading “Not All Exposure Times Are Created Equal”