Although I hate moving, here I go again!

When I moved into my first studio at The Silos at Sawyer Yards, I was glad when I finally got all of my shelves installed and my furniture assembled. I was confident that I had a new artistic home that I’d occupy for the foreseeable future. Seven months later, the world stopped and art studios and galleries closed. A couple of months later, a nice studio space became available at the Silver Street Studios venue—just across the parking lot—so I moved. I love the venue, the artists, the management, and that the building was a single-story structure.

The move required that I quickly move all of my stuff from a second-floor studio (with no elevator). Fortunately, I knew of a great company that was specializing in “safe” moves (at this point there were no COVID vaccines). The folks from All Organized carried all of my boxes and assembled fixtures down the stairs, loaded up their truck, and drove across a rocky parking lot to the loading dock of my new studio.

I’ve now been in studio 310 for almost three years, and am pretty settled in. The thought of packing and moving seems dreadful. However, that’s what I’m about to do, and I couldn’t be more excited! On or about March 1, I’ll be moving to studio 320 in the same building. It’s a great space, and just a tad larger than my current space.

You can easily find my studio from either Entrance 1 (magenta doors) or Entrance 2 (green doors). If you forget the studio number, look for the kitchen, which is next door to studio 320.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of a studio-warming party!

Oh, and let me know if you love packing and moving!

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I'm an alternative and traditional photographer living in Houston, Texas. Before stretching my creative wings, I was a content strategist for a software company. During the later part of my tenure there, I learned a lot about the U.S. medical industry when I acted as a patient advocate for my father.

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