Curators and Jurors in the Making

Several weeks ago, a young woman walked into my studio with a couple of her friends. We chatted for a few minutes about my art, and then she told me that she’d like to borrow one of my pieces for an art exhibition at Houston Christian University (formerly, Houston Baptist University). Artists are frequently on the receiving end of scams, but something about her and her request rang true. I suggested a couple of options, but she chose one of my favorite prints that had been juried into a couple of international exhibitions. She could have taken it with her, but I wanted to reframe and wrap it for safe transport. She agreed to return a few days later to retrieve the print.

A few days ago, I attended the opening reception for this exhibition, which was entitled, “Endless Light.” I spotted my print from the door and when, I glanced around the venue, I noticed a familiar painting from Chu Okoli, an artist who I know and whose work I admire. Chu and I are neighbors at Silver Street Studios and had just spoken with each other an hour earlier. Unbeknownst to us, we both had pieces in this exhibition.

The exhibition was tastefully curated, and in spite of the students not knowing what each other had chosen, the show looked like it had been juried. I’ve helped put on exhibitions, and it’s a lot of work—from conception, obtaining the works, curating, and planning and printing the catalog (which was lovely). During the reception, each student provided an overview of the selected artwork, how it addressed the theme, and a little information about the artist. Plus, if you ate at the reception, you wouldn’t need dinner.

Kudos to Rachel Gardner and her Gallery and Museum Practices class for this excellent exhibition and reception.

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