Curators and Jurors in the Making

Several weeks ago, a young woman walked into my studio with a couple of her friends. We chatted for a few minutes about my art, and then she told me that she’d like to borrow one of my pieces for an art exhibition at Houston Christian University (formerly, Houston Baptist University). Artists are frequently onContinue reading “Curators and Jurors in the Making”

What’s with the Assault on Art?

During the four years since I hung out my shingle as a professional artist, I have benefited from the warm embrace of the artist community. By and large, these talented people share their knowledge of the business of art, their ideas, and suggestions—helping you to achieve your goals—both monetary and artistic. Although I started outContinue reading “What’s with the Assault on Art?”

A Reflective Collaboration

Every other year, Women in the Visual and Literary Arts (WiVLA) hosts a member event, known as a Collaboration. In it, writers and artists team up to create a fresh product that is more than the sum of its parts. This was my third Collaboration since joining WiVLA in 2016. In 2018, I had aContinue reading “A Reflective Collaboration”

Artists Helping to Build Homes

For the third year, I’m proud to be one of the participating artists in Art on the Avenue. Art on the Avenue is the biggest silent auction of local art in Houston, and a great place to buy art for yourself or as a gift. Proceeds support Avenue’s mission to enhance the quality of life for working families, and to promote healthy, vibrant, and economically diverse neighborhoods in Houston. Mark your calendar for December 1-3.

It’s a FOTOFESTival!

Just about every amateur and professional photographer knows that FOTOFEST is in full swing. The exhibitions are on view at Silver Street Studios, Winter Street Studios, and Spring Street Studios, all of which are located in The Houston Arts District at Sawyer Yards. You can also find exhibitions at the Menil Collection, Houston Museum ofContinue reading “It’s a FOTOFESTival!”

Wood, the Other Paper

If you have the right emulsions, you can print on just about anything. When applied to wood, metal, fibers, masonry, and other materials, a liquid emulsion like Liquid Light can transform your material into a light-sensitive surface similar to silver gelatin photographic paper. Following proper application, you must handle the material as you would light-sensitiveContinue reading “Wood, the Other Paper”

A Walk along the Dark Side

My art business is centered around a couple of analog photographic techniques that use silver gelatin papers–film photography/darkroom printing and lumen printing. I’ve had some critical success, and several of my analog prints have been juried into local and international exhibitions. A few months ago, I happened to be walking through my neighborhood shortly afterContinue reading “A Walk along the Dark Side”